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The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is an internationally operating, left non-profit organisation for civic education affiliated with Germany’s ‘Die Linke’ (Left Party). Active since 1990, the foundation has been committed to the analysis of social and political processes and developments worldwide. We work in favour of a more just world system based on international solidarity.

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Directions to the Brussels Office

From Airport by bus:

The bus is the fastes way to reach the office. Bus No. 12 and 21 set off at the "Level Zero" of the airport and head towards the EU quarter (3 Euro at ticket machine next to the bus; 5 Euro in the bus). After about 40 minutes you reach the bus station "Schuman". Please leave the bus here. Please have a look at the description below how to reach the office from here.

With railway and metro:

From the third basement of the airport, a train leaves every 12 minutes to the Brussels "Gare Central". You can buy a ticket before departure at a counter (ca. 5 Euro). At "Gare Central", you need to walk about 5 minutes before reaching metro lines 1 and 5 direction "Stockel" and "Hermann-Debroux". Both lines bring you to metro station "Schuman" after four halts. When you leave the metro waggon, turn left and use the last exit in the driving direction (escalators). On this level, watch out for the metro exit "Schuman". When you leave the underground, you will find yourself in front of the Berlaymont building of the European Commission.

Walking from "Schuman" to the office:

If you are at "Schuman", watch out for the big rolling building, the European Commission. When you look at it head-on, take the road towards your right side. This is Rue Archimède. Walk down Rue Archimède. The road ends at a parc. Turn right here and then right again. You have entered the Ave. Michel-Ange. The office is on your right side, house number 11.