Green New Deals

A big deal for fair climate protection or just the latest version of the capitalist model?

May 20th, 2021
Juliane Schumacher

The Green New Deals are among the few specific proposals setting out how the transition to an environmentally friendly society could happen within a relatively short period without this transformation hitting the most vulnerable members of our society. While they do have their weaknesses and blind spots, they have succeeded in one thing: over the past two years, they have managed to create a new narrative which, beyond all the warnings of disaster, preserves hope based on opportunities for action – a narrative of what a positive future that is worth living could look like, and what steps would be possible and necessary on the way there.

Today, such visions of the future and the potential they can unleash are more necessary than ever. For this reason alone, it is worth taking a closer look at the various proposals for Green New Deals, their arguments, their history, the opportunities they offer and their inherent limitations. That is the aim of this publication.

If a Green New Deal policy is to actually be successful and cut global emissions quickly, the global level must therefore play a far greater role in Green New Deal proposals than has been the case up to now.

Juliane Schumacher