Call for offer for a study

The case of France in the European Elections of 2024

Nov 24th, 2022
March Against The High Cost Of Living And Climate Inaction In Paris Three demonstrators march with NUPES flags on their

The Rosa Luxembourg Foundation in partnership with Transform is commissioning a study on the future European elections of 2024 from the point of view of the French left-wing and progressive forces, which will be presented in the form of a printed brochure and an online PDF version.


The next European elections of May 2024 will take place in a political and social context that will have undergone major upheavals.  The post-pandemic situation of covid-19 and the resulting economic and social crisis is one of them, to which has been added the war in Ukraine and its economic and geopolitical repercussions.

The impact of these events and the resulting European political decisions have contributed to modify the European legislative and political space. Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the extraordinary legislative and regulatory measures taken by the European Union have been numerous. The Stability Pact has been de facto abandoned with the implementation of national recovery plans and the European equivalent Next Generation EU, while the Coronabonds have redefined the possibilities of common borrowing and economic action in the face of crises.

With the magnitude of the energy crisis, which has seen various European states act directly on the energy market and the Commission consider intervening on super-profits, up to the failure of the Energy Map Treaty, many fundamental European principles have been adapted and revised.

At the same time, the French political landscape has evolved with the creation of a parliamentary alliance called NUPES during the last legislative elections (June 2022), bringing together La France Insoumise, EELV, the Socialist Party and the Communist Party. This alliance in the French parliament is supported by a program elaborated in common with more than 650 proposals endorsed by the different parties as well as points of divergence left to democracy.

The aim of this research is to analyze the current European situation, to list and detail the political measures and decisions that have been taken at the European level and in the different member states. At the same time it will be necessary to analyze the action of the different political actors of the NUPES, during the last legislative sequence on a number of key votes in different areas. This quantitative analysis will make it possible to identify major trends in the activity of the NUPES forces in the European Parliament.

The third part of the study will serve to present the main lines of the first two parts. It will aim to highlight the major issues for the next European elections and to draw up the themes of convergence and divergence of the NUPES forces within the European Union. The analysis will have to be done in the light of the points highlighted in the first part to draw the potential convergences or lines of separation of the different forces


  1. Produce a study between 6000 & 8000 words including an index and a bibliography.
  2. To participate, in collaboration with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, in a two-page summary containing the main information of the research. To be used as a communication tool.
  3. Participate in events to present and promote the brochure in France and Brussels.
  4. Remuneration: 9,500 euros net.


  • Experience in research and data analysis
  • Good knowledge of European institutions and policies.
  • Familiarity with French news and politics.


Submit a detailed CV and a short (10-15 lines) proposal for the study.


  • Submission of applications: December 8.
  • Notification of successful candidate: December 12
  • Submission of the draft: February 1
  • Submission of final draft: February 13

All offers received are assessed on the basis of the following criteria

Thematic expertise on EU policies


Experience and good knowledge of French political actors and current political developments



Writing and editorial skills