Join the International Action Days from 10 to 17 October!

Oct 9th, 2015

For democracy, social justice and our public services. Stop TTIP! Watch our video to hear more about it.

TTIP is threatening our democratic rights, food sovereignty, jobs and the environment. From 10 to 17 October many movements are sending out a loud and clear signal against TTIP and similar agreements. Join them! Information about activities near you:

The statements in the videos were collected at the Fiesta del PCE 2015 in Madrid. We have interviewed:
- Claudia Haydt - Die Linke, Germany, and member of the board of the European Left
- Stefano Galieni - Rifondazione Comunista, Italy
- Marina Albiol Guzmán - Izquierda Unida, Spain, and MEP of the GUE/NGL
- Cayo Lara - Coordinator of Izquierda Unida, Spain
- Lydia Samarbakhsh - Head of the International Sector of Parti communiste français
- Heinz Bierbaum - Die Linke, Germany
- Maite Mola - Izquierda Unida and Vice-President of the European Left

Join the International Action Days against TTIP!