What is to be produced? The making of a new industrial policy in Europe

Jul 28th, 2016
Mario Pianta, Matteo Lucchese, Leopoldo Nascia

Is it unwise to work on a progressive industrial policy in times of climate change and COP21? Au contraire!, we’d like to answer.

A truly progressive industrial policy is one of the basic pillars which a sustainable future society will be built on. A truly progressive industrial policy is a necessary precondition for a strong and permanent social dimension for any future integrated Europe. Only if we endow our societies with an ecologically sustainable infrastructure and regional and circular economic relations we won’t destroy the environment.

Furthermore only economies with an industrial sector can provide enough stable jobs for the citizens. But a progressive industrial policy does not only take into account the ecological imperatives and the burning gender question, which has become even more severe due to the crises and the following cultural backlash.

Far more: progressive industrial policies acknowledge the fact that democracy is based on the economic independence of citizens. Only if citizens have good permanent jobs they have the power and socio-psychological resources to build up hospitable societies. These material foundations provide the bases for social movements, trade unions and left parties.