London Office

Our Team / Unser Team

Tsafrir Cohen
Director / Büroleiter

Deborah Hermanns
Project Manager / Projekt-Managerin

Emma Williams
Finance and Operations Manager / Finanz- und Büro-Managerin


Address / Adresse

Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung London Office
c/o New Economics Foundation
10 Salamanca Place
SE17HB London, UK

phone: ++44 207 820 6321


The London Office opened in autumn 2019, and with funds from the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs coordinates projects and supports non-profit organizations across all regions of the United Kingdom as well as Ireland. Our work focuses on four key aims:

  1. Developing alternative democratic models of society and new forms of democratic participation; in particular, building a positive movement against the rise of the far right.
  2. Finding solutions to social, economic, and gender-based injustices following a decade of austerity. The development of a new and intersectional class politics and the fight for the right to space, time, and basic resources.
  3. Building a politics which recognizes that fighting ecological breakdown can only be undertaken by transforming society and tackling social and global injustice.
  4. A critical reading and analysis of European historical events and their relevance today.