1914. Between war and revolution

One century after its outburst the First World War still draws a lot of interest. In the multitude of commemoration and events linked to this conflict it seemed that some topics, even though essential for the understanding of the conflict, are picked up only occasionally or are even concealed entirely.

During this event we will turn our attention to the positions of the worker movement facing the war, to the role of colonies, to the national questions as well as to the critical influence of the economic and political rivalries of the European powers. Our intention is to offer a critical look which the official events are often omitting.


Robert Halleux: Jean Jaurès and the ambiguity of the French left
Vincent Scheltiens: The radical leftists in Belgium before and after 1914
Paul Delforge: Wallonia and the First World War
Salvador Oberhaus: The war and the German social-democracy on their way to revolution
Lucas Catherine: The Congo during the First World War
Herwig Lerouge: The First World War and the socialist movement

Simultaneous translation in Dutch, French and German.

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