Acting for the Transformation of our Societies - Examples from different world regions

Venue: International Trade Union House (ETUC), Boulevard Roi Albert II-5, 1210 Brussels
Time: 6 Oct. 2010, 9:00 - 18:30
Organisation: RLF Brussels
Evening: Reception at Rosa Luxembug Foundation Brussels, Ave. Michel-Ange 11, 1000 Brussels, 6 Oct. 2010, 20:00 h


>> Entry projects to a politics of solidarity (Brie)
>> Transformation of the international Financial Regime (Páez)
>> Conference report
The Seminar:

The seminar was directly connected to the Asia-Europe People's Forum (AEPF) (for informations on AEPF see below). In the seminar, experiences with transformatory projects were exchanged and analysed. The examples from different world regions have been:
Namibia: Basic income
BIG Coalition, Nambia (presented by Herbert Jauch)

South America: Bank of the South
Technical Commission of the Bank of the South, Ecuador (presented by Pedro Páez Pérez, president of the Technical Commission of the Bank of the South for Ecuador)

India: The right to work
National Rural Employment Guarentee Act (NREGA), India; Government of India, Ministry of Rural Development (presented by Kamal Mitra Chenoy)

Southeast Asia: Anchoring social basic rights in constitutions
Social Protection and Decent Work, South-East Asian Network (presented by Tina Ebro)

Europe: Transformation of the auto-mobile sector
Institute for Social Analysis, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Berlin (presented by Michael Brie, Director of the Institute)

Contact: Roland Kulke,

Phone: +32 (0)2 738 7662

Further information:

>> The Presented Projects in Detail
>> Programme of Seminar
>> Information on Asia-Europe People's Forum (AEFP)