Beyond defending the house

Since the explosion of the speculative bubble in the real estate market, the costs of the crisis have been charged on the shoulders of the wide population. The process of dispossessing the people in favor of the rich has been highly accelerated. As one dramatic consequence of this dynamic stripping the people of their own home is becoming a symptomatic representation of today’s class struggles. Forms of dispossession in the urban space are manifold: from the privatization of services like water supply to the enclosure of public areas. All these struggles need an urgent convergence.

This workshop, in the framework of the first international meeting of the anti-eviction movements, will be a first step to discuss how to build synergies between the urban struggles and step out from defensive positions. We intend to articulate - against the many forms of dispossession - an alternative, radical and transformative idea of urban space.


Dimitra Siatitsa, Encounterathens, Athens, Greece
Rita Silva, Habitat, Colectivo pelo direito à habitacao e à Cidade” Lisbon, Portugal
Jacob Will, HASL Housing action Southwark Lambeth, London, UK

Kontakt: Federico Tomasone,