Beyond Development

After former meetings in Brussels 2016 and Quito 2017, the 'Beyond Development' Global Working Group's third meeting took place in Barcelona and rural Catalonia. From April 16 to 21, the Group once again achieved to gather around 30 protagonists from 5 continents, including political activists and academics, bringing together the practical experiences of political struggles, as well as critical reflections drawn from a broad range of theoretical debate.

The Group could continue to build upon the former meeting's debates as well on the ongoing exchange about alternative forms of 'development', community-based economies and collective resistance against the most violent forms of capitalism’s destructive forces.

Various field trips with a focus on grassroots initiatives promoting people's control over our most essential infrastructures (such as water and housing) were concluded with a three-day workshop on how to learn from these initiatives and others. The meeting concluded with an international conference on Radical Urban Transformation:  Panelists discussed the lessons that can be learned from very diverse experiences of people in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe that struggle for a sovereign life.

The RLS Brussels Office has been supporting and coordinating the Global Working Group since 2016. Find here the Group's newest publication, Alternatives in a World of Crisis, an outcome of last year's meeting in Ecuador.

A more detailed report on the meeting is coming up soon.