Beyond Gas Conference 2019

Climate change is rising as a global threat for the environment with already devastating effects on the most vulnerable populations at the national and international scale. It is now understood that only a drastic change in energy policies combined with a systemic climate action globally can mitigate those disastrous environmental and social effects.

At the same time the gas industry, extracting and transporting an extremely harmful fossil fuel for the climate and communities, is pushing for more infrastructures in Europe as well as developing plans and projects all over the world, often under the misleading promise that gas is a bridge toward green energies.

As a response, the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Brussels Office, together with a group of environmental NGO┬┤s is organizing the 3rd edition of the Beyond Gas conference: Connecting struggles between North and South. On the 22nd and 23rd of March more than 50 front activists and NGO campaigners from all over the planet will gather and collectively reflect on the commonalities of the resistance against gas in different regions, exchanging knowledge and visions.

The need to share experiences of struggle on the ground against gigantic infrastructure projects as well as building up political and social responses to the destructive alliance of corporate and political interests will be at the core of this two days meeting.

Workshops, panels and plenary sessions will create a space for planning and strategizing common actions, identifying narratives and creating real bridges between local struggles.

The previous editions of the conference have been instrumental in edifying the topic of gas as a common struggle and creating an active network. Building up on this experience, this 2019 edition will tackle the new challenges created by the gas industry as well as identifying alternatives and paths that would allow our societies to envision a sustainable and just future.

Documents: Report of the previous Gas Conference in 2017



Nessim Achouche: Achouche.Nessim(at)rosalux(dot)org