Beyond the development imperative

The use of natural resources continues to grow and intensify, and the greenhouse gas emissions still increase constantly, and this leads to a widening or even creation of conflicts. Yet the development imperative remains capitalistic and growth-centered. Alternatives to this development imperative are difficult to enforce (in view of for example fast growing economies in the South) and its social and ecological consequences difficult to politicise (social cleavage, ecologic problems and future unforeseeable dangers and disasters respectively).

In this workshop we want to exchange experiences with resistances and alternatives to the dominant development model. The workshop aims at providing room to gain a more global perspective on the different modes of production and modes of living. The practical critique and the existing and proposed alternatives shown by social movements, NGOs and politicians, but also the analysis of scientists are in the center of the workshop.

The central question will be: What is the current horizon of a global social-ecological transformation?

Organisation in cooperation with Ulrich Brand, Vienna University, and the thematic working groups in Latin America and Asia.
Contact: Marlis Gensler, Project manager,

Background material:
Beyond Development. Alternative visions from latin america. Permanent working group on alternatives to development. 2014.
Socioecologial Transformations. Journal for Development 28(3), Ed. Ulrich Brand, Birgit Daiber, 2012 (English)