Contested energy transition: perspectives for Germany and Europe

Venue: Gartenhotel Altmannsdorf, Hoffingergasse, 1120 Vienna (Europasaal)
Organization: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Brussels, Vienna University, Department of Political Science (Ulrich Brand)
Contact: Marlis Gensler, Tel. +32 (0)2738 7663

How to get there: near metro station "Am Schöpfwerk" (U6)

The energy transition in Germany and also in Europe is currently challenged. The arguments from the side, that critcizes the energy transition in Germany, are: Electricity becomes too expensive, energy security is not guaranteed, and Germany as a location for industry/business is in trouble. In Bulgaria, social protests have risen around the subject energy prices. In France, the energy prices rise in spite of fully maintaining nuclear power. On the European level the European Minister of Economic Affairs announced, that energy prices need to decrease so that Europe's economy remains competitive. One of the solutions for cheap energy is fracking. In the public debate we want to look at the following questions:

• Which interests are fought of by discussing energy prices?
• Which are the driving powers that criticize the energy transition and which interests do they pursuit?
• What is the meaning of a change in direction/aim of European energy policy away from "Energy transition towards renewable energy sources" towards "cheap energy"?

Was würde eine Veränderung der europäischen Energiepolitik von der "Energiewende in Richtung nachhaltiger Energieträger" auf das zentrale Ziel "billige Energie" bedeuten?
• What are principles and guidelines for a left vision and/or position that brings together social and ecological questions of the energy transition?

Hans Thie, Economic Policy Officer, Left Parliamentary Group, Berlin: Contested energy transition in Germany. Successes, contradictions and perspectives
(Thesis paper in German, Thesis paper in English)

  • Silvia Angelo, AK Vienna, Director of the department economic policy
  • Sabine Leidig, Member of the German Bundestag (DIE LINKE)
  • Bożena Gawryluk, Office Director, Mining Trade Union (ZZG), Poland
  • Maxime Combes, Attac France

Facilitation: Alexandra Strickner, Attac Austria

A public event in the context of the conference Socioecological Transformation Focus Energy, 3-5 July 2013 in Vienna
Background papers:

  • Hans Thie: Towards energy democracy: The Current State of Germany’s Energy Transition (Englisch)
  • Fraktion DIE LINKE im Bundestag: Positionspapier Energie
    siehe hier
  • Maxime Combes: La transition énergétique dans une perspective altermondialiste (Französisch)
    siehe hier

Recently published:

  • Winners and losers in the German energy transition: myths, lies and arguments (Armutsrisiko Energiewende. Mythen, Lügen, Argumente).
    Luxemburg Argumente, March 2013 (Ed. Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung)
  • Red Green: Pioneers and principles of an ecological society (Rotes Grün: Pioniere und Prinzipien einer ökologischen Gesellschaft)
    By Hans Thie, 2013 (Ed. Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung)
    PDF-reading-example, PDF-book-download
  • Plan B - Version 2.0. The red project for a socioecological transformation (Das rote Projekt für einen sozialökologischen Umbau). Die Linke, May 2013
    PDF-Download (German)

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