Energy policy/Financialization: Capacity Development & Position Finding

Venue: Mundo-B, Rue d'Edimbourg 26, 1050 Brussels
Organization: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Brussels, Network Financialization of Nature, and others

Contact: Marlis Gensler, Tel. +32 2738 7663

The workshop is an activity in within the working area "Socio-ecological transformation focus energy" of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Brussels. The topics of the workshop are:
Day 1: Financialization of energy infrastructure, utilities and nature
Day 2: European energy policy - position finding.

For more information on the activities in this working area see also the international conference Socioecological Transformation Focus Energy in Vienna, July 2013. The workshop also builds up on previous workshops on the Financialization of Nature in December 2012, and on the workshop on European energy policy in March 2013.