Erika Maier: Simply life (reading)

Language: German, Music by Shirly Laub
Organisation: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Brussels Office
Contact: Anna Striethorst

The author reads double biographies from East and West Germany. In her book people from the east and west, doctors from Meiningen and Augsburg, architects from Marzahn and cross mountain and ten other colleague's pairs talk about their life plans, ideals and dreams and whether these have come true. There were chances and borders – on this and on the other side. One could use chances and realize individual life draughts. The other has bumped on borders and suffered among them. Also this – on both sides.

Erika Maier, born in Dresden in 1936, became in 1969 at the age of 32 years one of the youngest professors of the GDR. After the winding up of the college for economy in Berlin in which Erika Maier had taught and done research for more than 30 years, she compiled market and location analyses for enterprise and institutes. From 1995 for more than ten years she was an activist for the left-wing party. PDS in municipal politics: Chairpersons of the economic committee of the district delegate's meeting Marzahn-cent village of Berlin, initiator of projects and citizens' groups, publications. Her political activities were honoured in 2006 with the Federal Service Cross.

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