Is the EU destroying itself through reform? Examples of institutional restructuring

The European Union (EU) is in a lingering crisis since the Great Recession following the collapse of the Lehman Brothers and, unlike the USA, has failed to find the path back to growth. On account of this, EU institutions, particularly the European Commission, are continually devising new plans for reform.

In order to cast a critical eye over some of these reforms, the Brussels office of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is organising this public seminar with three discussion panels addressing various EU proposals.

The first panel looks at one of the cardinal reforms of 2016. This concerns the finance sector with legislative proposals for a Capital Markets and Banking Union that will, inter alia, further promote the establishment of highly controversial securitisation rights.

In the second panel we will discuss plans for a “Eurozone budget” and analyse various assumptions from a critical perspective.

In the third panel we will address the as yet unclarified, though anti-employee in approach, proposals for national “Competitiveness Authorities/Boards”.


12:00 Registration and sandwiches

13:00 Welcome and introduction to the topic

Martin Schirdewan, Head of Office, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Brussels Office
Roland Kulke, Project Manager, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Brussels Office

13:30 Capital Markets and Banking Union – what has the EU learnt from the crisis?

Introduction by Fabio de Masi (Member of the European Parliament and Member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs)

  • Peter Wahl, Chairman of Weed (World Economy, Ecology & Development), founding member of ATTAC Germany
  • Marina Hübner, Doctoral Researcher, IMPRS-SPCE, Cologne
  • Frédéric Hache, Head of Policy Analysis

14:30 Coffee break

14:45 The “Eurozone budget” – an aid to tackle the next crisis or EU self-empowerment?

Introduction by Fabio de Masi (Member of the European Parliament and Member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs)

  • Catherine Mathieu, senior economist, OFCE, Paris
  • Jorge Uxó, Associate Professor of Economic Theory, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

15:45 Coffee break

16:00 Competitiveness Authorities – a necessary component of a currency area or an attack on trade union rights?

Introduction by Thomas Händel (Member of the European Parliament and Chair of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs)

  • Veronica Nilsson, Deputy General Secretary, ETUC, Brussels
  • Stefan Gran, Head of EU Liaison Office, German Trade Union Federation, Brussels

 7:15 Closing discussion

The event is taking place at:
Maison des Associations Internationales (MAI)
Rue Washington/Washingtonstraat 40
1050 Brussels

Participation is open to everyone and free of charge.
Language: English

Please register by sending an e-mail. Contact and registration: Roland Kulke,