Left European Industrial and Economic Policies

New Models of Production and socio-ecological Transformation. For a cooperative European Division of Labour

Venue: Brussels
Languages: English and German
Organization: Rosa Luxemburt Stiftung Brussels and Berlin

Which perspectives are possible for the crisis economies? Isn't it necessary to remodel the export oriented German model to find a solution? And what is to be done in this sense? The ambitious goal is to formulate programmatic guidelines for left European Industrial and Economic Policies before the European electoral campaign. In the medium term we seek to do the grounding scientific a strategic work to make the guidelines practicable.

Friday, 4 October 2013:
1. Macroeconocic perspectives: The concept for a European Clearing Union and the "Marshall Plan for Europe": a critical view from the South.
2. Economic interdependence and new cooperative division of labour: What kind of production model beyond “exportism” and bubble economics?

Saturday, 5 October 2013:
3. Elements of a red industrial and structural policy: concrete measures on the European level.
4. Alternative economic regulation and democracy: Programmatic and strategic elements.