Local Governance: Opportunities and limits of left policy. The examples of Athens, Leipzig and Dresden

Languages: German, Greek

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Brussels and Athens

Contact: Klaus Sühl (RLS Brussels Office) and Ioanna Meitani (RLS Liason Office Athens)

The aim of the conference is, to have an exchange between German and Greek left local politicians and local leaders. At this time, in which nationalist feelings become louder in Greece and Germany, and the good relationship between Germans and Greeks is in danger, the discussion about local policy issues of Germans and Greeks is more important than ever. The exchange of experience on a local level will make it clear that, despite all the differences in working approaches, there are many similarities in German and Greek local politics which make a common learning process possible. Concerning the content, the conference will mainly focus on three points: The acute material poverty (food, housing, medical care) as a challenge for left local politicians, education and culture against the background of the crisis, and the prospects of local politics as a basis for left politics.