Lunch seminar on TTIP with John Hilary

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has not been in the forefront of public debates in Sweden yet. The general level of knowledge about what the agreement might mean for Sweden is relatively low. What benefits would TTIP have for Sweden? Is the Investor-to-State Settlement Agreement (ISDS) the only problematic provision? What consequences would TTIP have for jobs, the environment, labor, food safety, consumer safety and culture?

These questions will be discussed at our conference.


11:40 Welcome: Florian Horn, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s Brussles office and Ragnar Bengtsson, Arene Idé.

11:45 Presentation on TTIP: Joakim Reiter, head of the Swedish International Trade Policy Department. What is TTIP? What can we expect from it? What is Sweden´s official position regarding the treaty?

12:00 Critique against TTIP: John Hilary, executive director on War on Want gives a presentation of the critique against TTIP and his report ”The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): A charter for deregulation, an attack on jobs, an end to democracy”

12:15 Panel starting with comments from Susanne Lindberg-Elmgren, investigator at the International Unit at LO and Peter Kleen, Senior Fellow at ECIPE. The panel also consist of John Hilary and Joakim Reiter.

12:45 Questions from the audience

13:00 Finish, Coffee and mingle

Joakim Reiter head of the Swedish International Trade Policy Department and has previously worked as ambassador at the WTO and has since 2001 worked for Swedish and EU institutions with trade related issues.

John Hilary is Executive Director at War on Want. John has worked for the past 20 years in the international development and human rights sector, and is a recognised expert in many fields across the global justice agenda. He has published widely on issues of international politics and globalisation, trade and investment, privatisation, conflict and aid.

Susanne Lindberg - Elmgren investigator at the international unit at Sweden's largest trade union confederation LO

Peter Kleen, Senior Fellow at ECIPE and former general director of the National Board of Trade in Sweden

Ragnar Bengtsson, investigator and economist at Arena Idé.

Location of the event:
Visionssalen, Visions förbundshus, Kungsgatan 28A, Stockholm

In cooperation with Arena Idé.