Negotiations of Free Trade Agreements in the EU-Central American Partnerschip Agreement: The Example of El Salvador

Venue: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Ave. Michel-Ange 11, 1000 Brussels
Contact: Marlis Gensler, Email

Workshop Programme:

Saturday, 14 Nov. 2009:

Birgit Daiber, Begium:
Welcome note

Helmuth Markov, Germany:

Primo Nina Huaynahuayna, Bolivia:
The role of the civil society in the negotiations in Bolivia (provisional title)

Enrique Daza, Colombia:
The Free Trade Agreements and the processes of integratio

Paulina Muñoz, Ecuador:
Democracy, constitution and social struggles: Advances and challenges of the social movement in the context of the new constitution

Alejandra Alayza, Peru:
From the Association Agreement to the Free Trade Agreement – the Andes

Claudio Lara Cortés, Chile:
Chile and the European Union: An agreement against growth

Alejandro Villamar, Mexico:
The impact of the rules on investment and services of the FTA-EU: 16 years of experience in Mexico
Sunday, 15 Nov. 2009:

Claudia Torelli, Nicaragua:
Nicaragua in the face of a new FTA: access to the market of agrofuels

Mario Rodríguez, Guatemala:
Impacts of the Association Agreement European Union - Central America: The case of biodiversity and agrofuel in Guatemala

Gustavo Oreamuno, Costa Rica:
Transnational pressures on resources to generate energy in Costa Rica in the context of free trade agreements and agreements of association: DR-CAFTA y Association Agreement

Joel Dietrich Boekle, El Salvador:
The economy of El Salvador as part of the Central American economy and the exclusion of the small and medium enterprises by the Association Agreement with the European Union

Final discussion
List of Participants:

Guests of El Salvador Government:

  • Carlos Alfredo Castaneda Magaña, El Salvador – FMLN, Vice minister of Foreign Affairs, Vice minister of Integration and Economic Promotion
  • Leonel Búcaro, El Salvador – FMLN, Member of Parlacen

Presentations held by:

  • Primo Nina Huaynahuayna, Bolivia – President of CIOEC
  • Enrique Daza, Colombia – Director of Centro de Estudios del Trabajo, Director of the magazine Deslinde, Coordinator of the Columbian Network of the Action against Free Trade, Secretariat of Alianza Social Continental
  • Paulina Monserrat Muñoz Samaniego, Ecuador – Spokesperson of Ecuador Decide
  • Alejandra Alayza, Peru – Peruvian Network for an equal globalisation - RedGE
  • Claudio Eduardo Lara Cortés, Chile – Economist, Lecturer at ARCIS and ELAP
  • Alejandro Villamar, México - Red Mexicana de Acción frente al Libre Comercio, RMALC
  • Claudia Torelli, Nicaragua – free lance with Transnational Institute
  • Mario Augusto Rodríguez Acosta, Guatemala – ex-director of Consejo de Investigaciones e Información en Desarrollo CIID
  • Gustavo Oreamuno Vignet, Costa Rica – President of the central committee of the Association of popular initiatives DITSO
  • Thomas Dietrich Boekle (Joel), El Salvador – Representative of European NGOs in El Salvador, consultant in politics and development cooperation


  • Birgit Daiber, Belgium – director of the RLS Brussels office
  • Helmuth Markov, Germany – Minister of Finances in the federal state Brandenburg, formerly head of Foreign Department of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin
  • Paul-Emile Dupret, Belgium – GUE/NGL


Marlis Gensler, Belgium – RLS Brussels
Pablo Sanchez, Belgium – free lance with RLS Brussels

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