Pedro Páez: Money and Finance as Common Good

Time: 11 April 2012, 12.00 (followed by a standing lunch at 1.15)
Venue: Residence Palace, Maelbeek Room, rue de la Loi 155, 1040 Brussels
Language: English
Contact: Roland Kulke, Tel. +32 2 738 7662

 It is impossible to come out from the crisis of capitalism without leaving the capitalism in crisis.” (Pedro Páez)

Pedro Paez attacks the hegemonic perception of the Financial Crisis as a “Black Swan” which came out of nothing. Paez shares with us his views that the crisis are a necessary outcome of a capitalism that has lost its possible progressive impacts on society. To save humanity from the total collapse of this regime, Paez argues, we need multi-stage joint efforts in different regions and on different systemic levels.

Pedro Páez: Ecuadorian. Ph.D. in Economics, Master in Development and Public Policy. Former Minister of Economy, Plenipotenciary Representative of the President and President of the Presidential Technical Commission for the design of the New Financial Architecture. Former member of the UN Commission of Experts on Crisis and Financial Regulation presided by J. Stiglitz and of the Paris Group on the same issues summoned by the President of the G20.
Paper and video:

>> Video of the event with Pedro Paez
>> On Common Good, Money and Credit. Paper by Pedro Páez, 2012