Privatisation of commons and public services in Italy and Europe. Between new financial accumulation and social resistances

Social conflicts have dramatically grown since the outbreak of the systemic crisis. One of these conflicts builds around the attack on commons and public services. Governments try to ignore the obvious failures of privatisation processes of the last thirty years and hide behind the so-called debt trap and austerity policies while ongoing the privatisation is gradually undermining the society and democracy. Significant social resistances are currently trying to fight the effects of privatisation. Their common goal is an erosion of the consent to the neoliberal model. Working towards this goal, they have gathered practices and experiences which, however fragmented they seem, are able to draw traces for a path of an alternative.

During this two-day-seminar we will discuss the current struggles for commons in Europe with experts from Italy and abroad. Our aim is to analyse the current dispossession of commons through debt and privatisation processes. Furthermore, we will contribute to current reflections of the commons paradigm in its theoretical processing and in its concrete transposition in social struggles.

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