Right-Wing Extremism and Xenophobia in Greece: Tip of the Iceberg

Dimitris Christopoulos presents his latest study „Mapping Ultra-Right Extremism, Xenophobia and Racism within the Greek State Apparatus” that has been commissioned by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung.

Despite the general esteem of Greece as “Cradle of Democracy” the country looks back on a long history of right-wing authoritarian regimes, whose convictions are deeply rooted in parts of the Greek culture. Today, 2014, the dismantling of the criminal right-wing party “Golden Dawn” has indeed begun. Dimitris Christopoulos uncovers the complex interrelations between right-wing extremism and the Greek church, police, army and justice. These interrelations reveal the imperative need and remaining challenges to democratize the Greek state and society.

Gabriele Zimmer (Chairwoman, GUE/NGL), Hans van Heijningen (Secretary General, Socialist Party of the Netherlands), Marie-Christine Vergiat (MEP, GUE/NGL), Bodo Ramelow (Chairman, parliamentary group DIE LINKE, Landtag Thuringia) and Dimitris Christopoulos (Academic) will subsequently report on their experiences with right-wing extremists, neo-Nazis and right-wing terrorists in their countries.

“How dangerous are right-wing organizations nowadays in Europe? And is there evidence to suggest that the strength of right-wing extremism within the Greek state apparatus, the success of right wing parties in local elections in The Netherlands and in France and the assumption of a ministerial office in Ukraine have led to a new phase of right-wing extremism?”

The invited politicians and experts will provide detailed information to these and further questions of the journalists.


«Wir müssen das Land vom Nazi-Biest befreien»
Katharina Strobel of the German daily newspaper «neues deutschland» talked to Dimitris Christopoulos about his new study in the context of its presentation in Brussels on 1 April 2014.

Ultra-right ‘influential’ in Greek state, says study
The Irish Times, 7 April 2014

Judging the judiciary on its stance towards the ultra-right
EnetEnglish, Greek Independent Press, 10 April 2014

When: 1 April 2014, 13:30 Lunch, 14:00 – 16:00 Press conference including the presentation of the study by Dimitris Christopoulos, statements by the above mentioned speakers and audience questions
Where: Résidence Palace – International Press Center, Room Maelbeek, 155, rue de la Loi – Blok C, 1040 Brussels
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