Simone Susskind: Women in Societies in Transition: Shared Experiences from Iran, Turkey, Morocco and Belgium

Wed, 10 June 2009, 6 pm, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Brussels Office, Ave. Michel-Ange 11, 1000 Brussels, Language: English

Daughter of Jewish immigrants who took refuge in Belgium in the thirties, Simone Susskind has dedicated an important part of her social and professional activity to promote the humanist and secular dimension of Jewish identity, and to favour a society that respects difference. Having established the first public dialogue between Palestinian and Israeli women in 1989, Susskind today is one of the best known figures in the Middle East Peace Movement in Belgium. In the last 20 years she has successfully expanded her project “Give Peace a Chance – Women Speak Out” to other regions and countries such as the Balkans and Cyprus, and she has created close links between women in the Mediterranean. For her commitment Susskind has been elected Woman of the Year in Belgium. She is Doctor Honoris Causa of the Free University of Brussels.

In 2005, Simone Susskind initiated the project “Women in societies in transition”, bringing together women from Iran, Turkey, Morocco and Belgium. In Rosas Salon she is going to speak about the fruitful exchange of experiences and good practices that her project has created. Further, she will highlight the changes in women´s role and political participation in societies in transition, giving examples from all over the Mediterranean.

RLS Brussels
Venue: Ave. Michel-Ange 11, 1000 Brussels
Music: Klezmer band Krupnik
Language: English

Contact: Anna Striethorst