Strategies of energy democracy. What ownership for a just energy transition? How combat energy poverty?

The transition from a nuclear-fossil energy system towards one based on renewables is a globally necessary process. The energy transition however should not be understood as a solely technical process. The aim should be a regenerative, socially just and democratic energy supply. Many experiences have been made to democratize the energy sector at the municipal, regional and national level, such as the struggle for democratic control of the energy utilities of the city of Berlin.

The workshop in Brussels (1–2 October 2015) aimed at exploring strategies how to regain control over energy systems and how to make access to energy more just – two issues often neglected in debates on energy transition.
Program and presentations:
Presentation James Angel, King’s College, London, UK
Presentation Brian Ashley, Alternative Information Development Centre (AIDC), South Africa
Presentation Maria Campuzano, Xarxa per la sobirania energetica (XSE), Barcelona, Spain
Presentation Daniel Chavez, Transnational Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Presentation Conrad Kunze, Center for Environmental Research UFZ, Leipzig, Germany
Presentation Gunnar Lind, Greenpeace Sweden
Presentation Stefan Taschner, Berlin Energy Table, Germany

Venue: The International Auditorium, Brussels
Organisation: Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Brussels Office
Contact: Marlis Gensler, Project manager, Tel. +32 2738 7663,