The dialectical relation between far right and hegemonic forces

The conservative hegemonic forces use the threatening danger of the extremisms in the society to legitimate themselves. Nevertheless the radical and xenophobic right is more and more becoming a respectable partner for the hegemonic forces in the society. This workshop will analyse the new role that the far right is assuming in different European countries and discuss the possible form of resistance.

Our reader The Far Right in Europe offers an overview on far-right movements in Europe.


Matteo Antonio Albanese, Italy

Graeme Atkinson, UK

Matyas Benyik, Hungary

Dimitris Christopoulos, Greece

Stéphane François, France

Joanna Gwiazdecka, Poland

Natalia Neshevets, Rumania

Natascha Strobl, Austria

Illia Vlasiuk, Rumania

Volkmar Wölk, Germany

In cooperation with
European ATTAC Network