The Future of Renewables and the Electricity Market Design in the European Union

At the end of 2016 two proposals concerning the Energy Union will be presented by the European commission: a proposal on the new energy market design, and the revision of the renewable energy directive.

The proposal on the new energy market design will touch upon the electricity market and the gas market. Concerning the electricity market, the European Commission (and the conservative rapporteur for the own-initiative report in the European parliament) is planning to deepen the single market for electricity, enhance the cross-border-trade, make cross-border capacity markets possible and abolish regulated prices.

The renewable energy directive will contain provisions on the governance in the field of renewable energy targets for the different Member States. Furthermore there could / should be provisions benefiting “community energy” and priority access to the grid.

Objectives of Workshop:
•    Sharing knowledge on the upcoming legislative proposals and develop precise positions on the renewable energy directive and the new energy (particularly electricity) market design.
•    Discuss a position paper for the left group in the European Parliament GUE/NGL on the upcoming legislative proposals.
•    Discuss future steps to be taken in order to raise awareness on the upcoming legislation.

•    Inputs on the legislative proposals by politicians and NGOs
•    Discussion on draft position paper on the legislative proposals which will be sent to every participant two weeks before the workshop

Politicians and Civil Society Organisations

European Parliament, Brussels, PHS 1 C 51

English, German, Greek, Spanish

Organised by:
Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels
Confederal Group of the European United Left / Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) (Delegation DIE LINKE. in the European Parliament)
With the participation of Transform! Network

Marlis Gensler, Project Manager, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Brussels Office,
Manuela Kropp, Head of office, GUE/NGL (Delegation Die Linke in the European Parliament),

The future of electricity and gas in Europe. Left perspectives on European energy markets, Workshop in Brussels, 5/6 October 2015
The Energy Union: what's behind it? Policy paper by Malte Fiedler, 2015
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A bright future for fossil energy in the EU? Policy paper by Fabian Hübner, 2015