The TTIP–EU Nexus and North Africa

"In blue" (modified) by Bjørn Giesenbauer, used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
The North Atlantic Elites want to achieve two aims with TTIP: they want to extract more profit from their own populations and TTIP should help them stabilizing a world order where their enterprises are on top, and the economies of the Global South will structurally be in the weaker position. We will discuss the background paper* of Manuel Perez Rocha (Institute for Policy Studies, Washington) where he develops the bigger picture of what TTIP actually means for the Global South.

One million signatures have been collected in Europe against TTIP. But is this trade and investment agreement relevant for North Africa? We want to examine the impacts this new agreement will have on the economies of the southern Mediterranean region with experts from North Africa and the EU. But we also need to focus more generally on the question of the current state of trade relations between these two regions. Who are the main actors? Who is dominating these relations and has the popular uprisings in the last years changed something?


*Download the summary of the background paper by Manuel Perez Rocha:

TTIP - Why the rest of the world should beware
TTIP/TAFTA - Pourquoi le reste du monde devrait-il rester sur ses gardes
TTIP/ACTI - ¿por qué el resto del mundo se debería de preocupar?

The full background paper will be published at a later date.

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