Which future for the EU do we want?

Room : Amphi 1a (ground floor)
European ATTAC Network
Languages: French/English/German/Spanish

The EU and particularly the Eurozone are in multi-facetted crisis and nobody knows, how it will end. What are the different dimensions of the crises we are living and what structure we want for the EU ? Is the demand for a social and democratic EU enough ? Is a deeper political integration leading us towards a political union with the United States of Europe as a super nations-state the answer to solve the problems and challenges ? Or do we need a more flexible scheme of integration ? Or is there yet another option ?

Cristina Asensi (Attac Spain), Thilo Bode (Greenpeace, Foodwatch, Germany), Theodorus Paraskevopoulos (University professor, Greece), Mario Pianta (Economist Italy). Facilitated by Aurélie Trouvé (Attac France)

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European ATTAC Network