Widening protest against threats of TTIP & CETA

Civil society campaigning against the threats of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP, or TAFTA in French) and the Canada-EU free trade agreement (CETA), proved to be successful.

In 2014, awareness has been risen significantly against agreements which would:
- negatively affect social, labour, environmental, digital and consumer rights on both sides of the Atlantic,
- deepen global trade and investment liberalisation, and
- increase privileges for investors.

As a consequence progressive legislation would be almost impossible to implement.

Since our last meeting in July 2014, two Europe-wide key campaigning activities helped to broaden the protest and to increase the pressure on our governments and the European Commission: the self-organised European Citizen Initiative and the European action day on 11 October. Many more activities on the national and European levels helped the movement grow in force and numbers.

Since November 2014 we have entered into a new phase: the new European Commission took office with Cecilia Malmström as the new Trade Commissioner and the European Parliament has decided to prepare a resolution on TTIP which is to be voted in full plenary mid-May 2015.

While the 8th negotiation round takes place in Brussels, our coalition will analyse the current state of play, build up future common activities and further develop strategies to face the threats of TTIP and CETA.

A more detailed agenda and further logistical details will be circulated to registered participants.

Deadline for registration: 22nd January

Maison des Associations Internationales - MAI
Rue Washington 40, 1050 Brussels

Hosted by
Seattle to Brussels Network
Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Brussels Office
Stopp TTIP
European Attac Network
German NGO Forum on Environment & Development
AK Europa

With the support of
Campaña No al Tratado Transatlántico de Comercio e Inversión (Spain)
Plataforma Não-ao-TTIP (Portugal)
Coalition against secret (trade) deals (Slovenia)
Danish TTIP-network
Stop Tafta Luxembourg
Stop TTIP Italia Campaign
TTIP stoppen (Austria)
TTIP-unfairhandelbar (Germany)
Collectif national Stop TAFTA - Non au grand marché transatlantique (France)
No TTIP network Netherlands


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