Europäisch-Israelischer Dialog

Ort: Wahat as-Salam, Israel
Sprache: Englisch
Organisation: RLS Brüssel und RLS Tel Aviv
Kontakt: Anna Striethorst

In a nutshell, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation European-Israeli Dialogue Forum provides a space for an exchange of ideas and experiences between progressive actors in Israel and Europe. In the long run this exchange shall lead into a network of civil society representatives, researchers and politicians from Israel and Europe.

In May 2011, the first meeting of the European-Israeli Dialogue Forum took place in Brussels. Political activists and researchers from Israel, France and Germany discussed diverse issues concerning the development of democracy: The participation of citizens in political decision-making processes, the relationship between majorities and minorities, the challenge of post-democracy against the background of the financial crisis, and the impact of the democratic movements in North Africa and the Middle East.
For this year´s meeting three aspects have been selected:

1) The relations between the EU and Israel
2) The crisis and the development of democracy
3) Migration

In regards to the relations between the EU and Israel the participants are given an overview of the state of affairs of these relations that shall help them to understand ongoing debates from a critical civil society perspective. In the panel on the crisis and the development of democracy certain aspects from the discussions in 2011 – for instance the situation of minorities and the practical development of protest movements – will be highlighted. The debate on migration shall especially focus on examples of political action in support of the rights of migrants both in Israel and in the EU.
Draft Timetable

10 October Arrival of European Participants
11 October Political tour around Jerusalem and the West Bank barrier
Meetings with members of the Knesset
Presentation about Jerusalem (Dr. Menahem Klein)
12-14 October Expert Meeting in Naveh Shalom/Wahat as-Salam
14 October Departure of European Participants, or:
15 October Possibility for additional meetings on an individual basis

The European-Israeli Dialogue Forum is a cooperation of the Tel Aviv and the Brussels Office of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. Participation is on invitation only. For further information please contact

Dr. Angelika Timm
Director, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Tel Aviv
Tel. +972-3-6228290/1

Anna Striethorst
Researcher, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Brussels
Tel. +32 2738 7665
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